• Firms API

    We're developing a ground breaking software & know-how platform for small and medium sized law firms to recruit new clients, delight them with improved and more efficient service, and retain them.

    So solving the most important commercial questions law firms ask themselves, namely how can we

    • get more clients, or deliver more services to those we have?
    • improve service levels whilst lowering service costs?
    • improve operating margins and grow the firm?

    The first set of applications are based on our tools and know-how from founding and running top rated http://www.trademarkdirect.co.uk #1 UK attorney firm for trade marks serving 1500 clients a year.

    These include our US patented trade mark similarity algorithms and machine learning modules for monitoring trade mark infringement. But our vision extends way beyond trade mark services to offer a valuable operating system' for all small and medium law firms, initially in the UK and US but expanding to all major economies and beyond in time.

  • Public API

    Public available API methods to perform tasks without authentication required.

    By example to check if you can create a new firm, a new account, etc.